Thursday, August 24, 2017

Mei, Hollywood Fatness, and Wish Fulfillment

Last Wednesday, Blizzard uploaded a beautiful video on the "origin story" of Mei, one of Overwatch' characters... and  inevitably, the theme of her weight came about at the twittersphere.

Number One: No, Mei isn't fat, she's just thick, and calling her "plus sized" just because she isn't a willowy size 0 is probably offensive to actual plus-sized people.

If anything, she'd be videogames' equivalent to "Hollywood Fat."

Number Two: She isn't even meant to to be "fat."

As some of you know, Overwatch was originally meant to be the superhero MMO dubbed "Project Titan" while in development (which was cancelled, but then the devs re-pitched as the arena FPS you now know, for which they just re-used prior game assets)... and there are no fat superheroes.

Now put down your torches and pitchforks, people, I'm not done yet. Let's get into context:

In the classical sense, the superhero genre is first and foremost a power fantasy. Superheroes are not about what we -are-, but about FANTASIZING. Yes, it's important that we learn to love and accept ourselves as we are (or alternatively, improve, if it is within our means), but if you can't love yourself while reading Superman then I can only pity your inability to tell reality from fiction (and recommend you to stay away from open windows before you get yourself killed trying to fly).

Mei's physique, while on the thick side, is still an idealized version of her body type. If we were bringing "realizms" to the table, she'd be an endomorph who goes through great pains just to stay the way she is now.

Now, while there are in fact two schools of the superhero genre, the "Marvel vs. DC" thing will have to wait for another post.


P.D: In case you missed the video:

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